June 21, 2017



PRM primarily implements auditing activities as well as legally required audits of financial statements, in compliance with Articles 2409 bis et sequitur of the Italian Civil Code; the company also implements the following activities:

  • Voluntary auditing of financial statements
  • Auditing of specific areas or entries of the financial statements or of mid-year reports and budgets
  • Auditing for projects relative to the solicitation of funds from the public
  • Audits of financial statements within the realm of audits of international groups
  • Support designed to overcome critical elements relative to the adoption of international accounting principles
  • Assistance in the drafting of consolidated group financial statements
  • Auditing of specific internal company procedures
  • Accounting due diligence during the acquisition or transfer of corporations, companies or company branches
  • Analysis, design and execution of accounting procedures
  • Verification of the organizational models required by Legislative Decree 231/2001 (administrative liability)
  • Auditing in support of insolvency procedures
  • Optimization and/or support for the internal auditing department
  • Verification of the internal auditing system’s reliability.

In its relationship with professional accounting firms, PRM serves a collaborative role in support of their activities during the implementation of extraordinary operations, due diligence activities and audits.

During the drafting period of the financial statements, PRM collaborates with the firm in order to professionally analyse specific elements or legislative novelties—while respecting each party’s specific role—and thereby propose adequate technical solutions. PRM does not interfere with the consolidated relations between these firms and their Clients but operates as an independent and technically reliable partner.